with kai Connects the infinite possibilities of blockchain
to everyone
  • Establishing a fairer eco-system for creative content kaicoin cultivates a sustainable environment for content distribution by protecting the rights of content creators
  • Fostering cultural diversity through new communication channels kaicoin fosters active communication between creators and consumers, encouraging cultural diversity and fair consumption of content
  • kai coin
Converting the infinite potential of blockchains into a potential for a better life for everyone
  • - Green Stage Lab formed a strategic partnership with cryptocurrency exchange KAiREX
  • - The sustained collaboration between the two organizations is expected to lead to improvements in services for customers
Entering partnerships with blockchain specialists

Secures continuous improvement and stability of kaicoin through partnership with Multi-Chain, a company specializing in blockchain technology

  • SPEED Handles large volumes of transactions by setting the block generation time to 1 min
  • Security Improved security through cold wallet and foreign key management system
  • Flexibility Configurable 45 parameters resolve technical constraints of Bitcoin

For safe and convenient use anywhere at any time! A wallet service that even beginners can easily use

  • Check kaicoin balance
  • Send kaicoin
  • Receive kaicoin
User Guide
  • GREEN STAGE BlockChain Development & Operations
  • MultiChain BlockChain Technical Support Partners
  • 2017 3Q
    Organize Presale.

  • 2017 4Q
    Launch Testnet.
    Launch Blockchain Explorer.

  • 2018 1Q
    Launch Mobile Wallet. (Android/iOS)
    Listed on exchanges.

  • 2018 2Q
    Establish metadata structure.
    (allow the storage of digital content information)
    Upgrade Mobile Wallet. (2FA, KYC)
    Launch Blockchain dashboard.

  • 2018 3Q
    Launch Mainnet.
    Authentication algorithm based on file hash extractions.
    Authentication algorithm based on tag hashes of authentic products.
    Upgrade Mobile Wallet. (support for Simple Payment Service)
    Implement illegal digital content tracking agent.

  • 2018 4Q
    Introduce Blockchain Accelerator.
    Reveal Miners.
    Develop Multi-signature Mobile Wallet.

  • 2019 1Q
    Upgrade kaicoin. (halve the block creation time)

  • 2019 2Q
    Enable Atomic Swap between cryptocurrencies.

kaicoin(KAI) Listed on Trade Satoshi

kaicoin was listed on Trade Satoshi!
kaicoin can be traded with BTC/UST/DOGE/LTC/BCH on Trade Satoshi.
Trade Satoshi :

kaicoin(KAI) Listed on Stocks.Exchange

kaicoin was listed on Stocks.Exchange!
kaicoin can be traded with BTC on Stocks.Exchange.
Stocks. Exchange :

Updated version of kaicoin wallet released!

We are happy to present you with the latest version of the kaicoin wallet.
The update brings enhanced security and improved design for users.
Store your kaicoin assets securely with the upgraded wallet!
Link to Android App
Link to iOS App

kaicoin(KAI) registered on CoinGecko

kaicoin has been registered on cryptocurrency total information Service CoinGecko.
Feel free to take a look at the information and price of kaicoin as well as the list of exchanges. -
CoinGecko :

kaicoin(KAI) registered on Coinhills

kaicoin has been registered on cryptocurrency information Service not only CoinGecko also Coinhills.
Feel free to take a look at the current price of kaicoin as well as the list of exchanges it can be traded on.
Coinhills :

kaicoin(KAI) Explorer has been updated

kaicoin(KAI) Blockchain Explorer has been updated.
∙ Faster transaction search
∙ More visually pleasing transaction history display panel
∙ Support for mobile devices
∙ Real-time display of kaicoin(KAI)'s market value
kaicoin block explorer :

kaicoin(KAI) Listed on KAiREX

kaicoin(KAI) was listed on KAiREX exchange!
Kaicoin(KAI) can be traded with BTC on KAiREX exchange.

KAiREX Exchange :